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Hello(!) to our dear customers and viewers

We’ve decided to offer our tailoring svcs here on this webpage instead as the name “threaded to fit” suits our svc much more. A very big thank you to all who have ordered with us before and we are looking forward to more orders from everyone :>

You can mail us at or simply leave a comment with your details. Leave a comment with email if you’d like to be added to our mailing list.

What’s so great about mailing list?
Well, we update you on our latest offers and have special offers occasionally for those on mailing list only! So, hurry be added!

How to navigate this site? 

If you already know the exact item you’re looking for:

key the item name into the “Search” box and you’ll see the light.

If you’re unsure of what we’ve got to offer or you’re just casually browsing:
interest yourself by viewing the available categories we’ve got. Simply click on the filter under “Select Category”.
Once there, select the brand you’re interested in as most of our apparels are inspired by designers/brands. For example, Topshop (3)
(3) means that we’ve got 3 posts under Topshop. However when you go to the Topshop category you only see one latest post. Simply click on “Older Posts” to view all available posts.
If you’re facing any complications with browsing, or just want to get straight to ordering without browsing:
leave a comment with your contact details or send us an email:

Do note that we tailor more than just what’s shown here. For all you know, your design sent in might be the next one featured on our site ;> So, send in other designs you’d like to have tailored and we’ll offer you quotes to the best of our abilities!

Adeline & Dominic


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Zips available

Current zips available


Casual zip

Suited for those who want the best of both worlds. IE: want a zip but dont want it to be noticeable. This will be the zip we’ll use. Available in basic colours: white, black, red etc…

IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4684

YKK zips

Suited for fashionable bandage skirts, tanks, to your preference. Lengths and prices vary.

Contact us at for advice on combinations of zips+apparel!

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Topshop inspired lightning bolt skirt

Topshop has only offered the sequinned one which we believe’s not appropriate for all events/casual days out.

Here’s topshop’s version:

topshop mini

It is definitely pretty but it’ll end up sitting in your wardrobe with the “what can i wear this with, i’m dying to but no occassion” situation.


We got a solution! Presenting topshop inspired lady gaga style lightning bolt skirt! It matches anything and will make you long to wear it everyday cos it fits everything!


For the rich and famous, that’d be a great, simple casual day outfit.

lightning1Material: satin

For comfort+style, we’re doubling the layer of satin. So be in for a premium look and don’t feel weird when people turn their heads and Stare! Betcha they will stop and stare :>

We welcome other colour combinations, material suggestions (but price will vary for this) and as well as other shapes.

We can size the lightning bolt according to your preference, this is about the biggest it can go so if you find it too Loud we can always work on it to make it smaller for you.

S$30 tailored to your measurements and preferences

-top quality materials used, quality assured

email or leave a comment with your contact details.

comments screened!

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Topshop Inspired Carousel skirt

Here’s Tophop’s very famous Carousel Skirt which we believe were completely wiped out in stores; retailing for S$73 or S$53?

There were a few colour combinations available at Topshop. 

1. Navy/pink

satin skirt

2. Black or Grey/ pink


Here it is for you babes!


-tailored to your measurements

-top quality satin with inner lining for comfort

-we welcome other colour combinations!

email your orders to or leave a comment with your contact details!

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Please leave us a feedback in the following format:

Rating: positive/neutral/negative

What did you get:


Thank you! Your feedback will help us to serve you better. We cherish all feedback.


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Topshop Inspired crop top

Topshop is undeniably the hottest fashion boutique amongst us these days! You’ll always find unique designs and end up lusting for many pcs from Topshop! Topshop online often has pcs that are not imported into SGP. And we can bring them to you!

X crop top can be worn alone or layered. This pc is seriously a head turner.

crop top(320-54)

We’ve got a range of materials for you to choose from, and patterns too! :>

0003hyys 0003kqbb

Very well spaced out crosses and you can choose your designs! Definitely exclusive ;>

S$44-50/top depending on the material you’d like to use

-tailored to your measurements

-top quality materials

-we welcome other colours or materials according to your preference

email orders to or leave a comment with your contact details!

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Mischa Barton inspired Sailor Dress

Mischa Barton did an advert for Keds and in it she wore a very cute sailor dress; which isn’t sold massively. It has been retailed/retailing online for S$88 or about there. No shop really manufactured it and sell it, (we’re sure they will soon). So before they do that, why not be exclusive for a bit? :>

The dress is available in 2 colours, white with navy ribbon+linings or navy with white ribbon+linings.

mischa barton (400-65) sailor dress (400-65) sailor dress

We’ve done both colours for customers! :> Both turned out really good!

misbarton dresses

We’ll get customers to send us pics of em in the ones they ordered!


-tailored to your measurements

-top quality material

-we welcome other colour combinations

email orders to or leave a comment with your contact details!

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