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Hello(!) to our dear customers and viewers

We’ve decided to offer our tailoring svcs here on this webpage instead as the name “threaded to fit” suits our svc much more. A very big thank you to all who have ordered with us before and we are looking forward to more orders from everyone :>

You can mail us at or simply leave a comment with your details. Leave a comment with email if you’d like to be added to our mailing list.

What’s so great about mailing list?
Well, we update you on our latest offers and have special offers occasionally for those on mailing list only! So, hurry be added!

How to navigate this site? 

If you already know the exact item you’re looking for:

key the item name into the “Search” box and you’ll see the light.

If you’re unsure of what we’ve got to offer or you’re just casually browsing:
interest yourself by viewing the available categories we’ve got. Simply click on the filter under “Select Category”.
Once there, select the brand you’re interested in as most of our apparels are inspired by designers/brands. For example, Topshop (3)
(3) means that we’ve got 3 posts under Topshop. However when you go to the Topshop category you only see one latest post. Simply click on “Older Posts” to view all available posts.
If you’re facing any complications with browsing, or just want to get straight to ordering without browsing:
leave a comment with your contact details or send us an email:

Do note that we tailor more than just what’s shown here. For all you know, your design sent in might be the next one featured on our site ;> So, send in other designs you’d like to have tailored and we’ll offer you quotes to the best of our abilities!

Adeline & Dominic


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