Topshop inspired lightning bolt skirt

Topshop has only offered the sequinned one which we believe’s not appropriate for all events/casual days out.

Here’s topshop’s version:

topshop mini

It is definitely pretty but it’ll end up sitting in your wardrobe with the “what can i wear this with, i’m dying to but no occassion” situation.


We got a solution! Presenting topshop inspired lady gaga style lightning bolt skirt! It matches anything and will make you long to wear it everyday cos it fits everything!


For the rich and famous, that’d be a great, simple casual day outfit.

lightning1Material: satin

For comfort+style, we’re doubling the layer of satin. So be in for a premium look and don’t feel weird when people turn their heads and Stare! Betcha they will stop and stare :>

We welcome other colour combinations, material suggestions (but price will vary for this) and as well as other shapes.

We can size the lightning bolt according to your preference, this is about the biggest it can go so if you find it too Loud we can always work on it to make it smaller for you.

S$30 tailored to your measurements and preferences

-top quality materials used, quality assured

email or leave a comment with your contact details.

comments screened!


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