Gossip Girl inspired Jewel dress

Sucha big buzz going around about tv series “Gossip Girl” (xoxo) About the girls, how gorgeous they are, their fashion and most importantly.. where on the earth do they get their dresses from?! K, now here comes SOS, t2f!

Combination of knit cotton and chiffon neckline with jewels to make a butterfly. One word- Sweet.

3.gossip girl

Where do you go to find a dress that’ll make you look like a million dollars but costs something insignificant to a mill? Told you, t2f’s SOS!

IMG_2197 IMG_2201

Be it prom, an important date, a formal event, a gossip-girl-wannabe- this dress will satisfy all occassions plus has a WOW-factor! Sequins are carefully sewn onto the silver chiffon neckline and not stuck on. So you can count on this dress to be durable :>


-tailored to your measurements

-top quality materials

-we welcome other colour combinations or elimination of sequins & other ideas you’ve got!

email threadedtofit@gmail.com to order or leave a comment with your contact details!


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